Wedge Products

Wedge Products is an AS9100 Aerospace Certified Rev. C and ISO 9001:2008 registered company that has been in the metal stamping business since 1933. We have over 50 stamping presses with capacity up to 400 tons and a deep draw depth of 8.0”. In our 100,000 square foot facility we offer short, medium and large run stampings in a variety of materials. We also offer manual and automated assembly, in house de-burring, vapor degreasing, machining, secondary machining, mig, tig, projection and spot welding. We offer in-house tool design and tool repair. We are partnered with local and global tool and die companies for state of the art tooling.

We have a variety of proprietary products including pipe caps for energy and other uses. We also offer a variety of axle/dust caps and hardware used in automotive, agriculture, and recreational vehicles.