Brushes Corp.

Brushes Corp. provides custom engineered brushes for virtually any application that utilizes a twisted-in wire brush. Utilizing our 45 years of manufacturing experience and expertise, we can develop a brush that meets specified criteria at a very competitive price. Brushes Corp. specializes in single spiral, double stem or double spiral–double stem style brushes. Brushes Corp. has a wide variety of stocked brush fill materials and can help select the fill for a brush based upon its application requirements: flexibility, stiffness, abrasion, and chemical or corrosion resistance.
Brushes Corp. serves several industries and various applications such as medical, industrial automotive, plumbing, bottling, firearms, fitting brushes, textile and Government. Our experience, technical support and extensive selection of bristle and stem materials enables us to design unique brushes for every application. If you are looking for ways to lower your costs or reduce inventory, contact Brushes Corp.