Mergers & Aquisitions


A.J.D. mainly produces industrial components and focuses on three main verticals; Plastics, Metal Stampings and Wire.

Those components are created using various manufacturing methods such as:
  • Deep drawn and precision metal stamping.
  • Plastic injection molding, machining & stamping.
  • Drawn (ferrous and nonferrous) wire, stranded wire and cable.

Purchase Criteria
  • Investment size up to $15 million.
  • $2-$30 million in revenue; $100,000 - $4,000,000 EBITA.
  • Strong niche market with no customer making up more than 25%of the total business.
  • Specializing in turn around opportunities, cost control, strategic growth, new technology or proprietary parts/process, management restructuring.
  • Located in North America.