Malin Co.

Malin Co. was established in 1887 in Cleveland Ohio as a wire rug beater company. Malin has since transitioned into a general wire specialist that spools, coils and straightens & cuts both nonferrous and ferrous wire from fine to intermediate diameters. Malin can draw and anneal fine to intermediate diameters of wires to customer specifications. Malin made a strategic acquisition in 2002 of Brushes Corp which gave them the ability to manufacture twisted in wire brushes as well as produce wire fill for brushes and abrasive applications. Malin is acknowledged as the oldest American supplier of wire fishing leaders which are sold worldwide. With the acquisition of JMAR in 1995, Malin extended their reach in the fishing industry by providing outrigger rigging components, fishing accessories and marine supplies for both fresh and saltwater fishing.

Malin serves a wide variety of industries including the aerospace, medical, general industrial, oil and gas, catalog houses, automotive, twisted in wire brushes, gun brushes and custom brushes.