Champion Rivets

Since 1895, Champion Rivet has specialized in solid hot headed rivets, solid cold headed rivets, and clevis pins in most steels, including stainless, brass, copper, and aluminum and are all formed to ASTM specifications or per customer print.

The Champion Rivet Company supplied rivets for such projects as the Panama Canal, The Golden Gate Bridge, battleships, steam locomotives, rail cars, trucks, automobiles, and numerous buildings. As one can imagine, some of these structures and equipment have long been retired or scrapped, but due to the quality of the fastenings many have remained in service more than 75 years after they were built.

Champion Rivet was bought by Wedge Products, an Aerospace certified company, in 2013. With Management's firm commitment to service and quality, Champion Rivet will continue to update our equipment to meet our customers' requirements. We look forward to working with our customers to produce quality products in a timely fashion.